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About us

We are a meat processing company Boar’s foot, we produce meat products not
only from pork, beef, but also from the game meat (venison, venison, elk).

Most of the products we manufacture goes back to ancient traditions  and we are using natural spices,
products smoked in genuine country smoke as an effort to preserve the product identity, authenticity.
The product range is mainly dominated by game products.

The company buys the game meat from Lithuania farmers breeding the animals. Same as from hunters with quality certificates certifying the high quality of raw materials.
Game is less cholesterol. Wild game meat nutritional value is much
higher than that of domestic animals or birds, and it is recommended by healt

We also offer products from pork and beef. We purchase raw materials grown only in Lithuanian farms. High-quality raw materials allow us to produce the highest quality products.

We are a young, dedicated and we are moving step by step, we are looking for new partners and opportunities for expansion.



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